The Team



Founder & CEO

Data scientist and economist with over 15 years experience. Former CTO and Google Analyst, with specialties in risk classification for FinTech. 5+ years experience in crypto software, hardware, investing, and business development.


Founder & Director of Engineering

Engineer and academic researcher with 15 years experience in FinTech, data science and digital forensics. Former lead developer for defense contractors, technology startups and cryptography research. 10 years of experience in cryptography and 5 years of experience in blockchain.


Founder & Software Engineer

Software developer and product designer with 15 years experience in FinTech, SaaS and mobile platform solutions. Specialties include money remittance, e-commerce and enterprise-grade architecture design. 5 years of experience in blockchain software, investing and business development.


Ahmed Abdulluh

Data Scientist

Data Scientist and former Machine Learning Engineer at RedBuffer and Data Scientist at Human Focus, with additional expertise in domains of Tabular ML and Time-Series Forecasting. Proven expertise in Genetic Algorithms and ML domains such as Churn Analysis and Anomaly Detection. Passionate about data driven problems and highly skilled at problem specification.

Muneeb Zubair

Blockchain Engineer

Programming polyglot and blockchain development expert with 5 years experience. Specializes in decentralized apps development, smart contract implementation, web3 frontend integration among others. Adept in many frontend and backend tech solutions that will come in handy for the Bird project.


Blockchain Engineer

Software developer and project management expert creating business-centered technical solutions for 15 years. Has deep roots in technologies ranging from Java, to Semantic Technology and is proficient in ETH, Binance, and NEM Smart Contracts. Will bring trailblazing solutions and innovative leadership.


Timothy Horizon

Mixed-Media Creative Lead

10 years of experience in mixed media design and art direction dedicated to technology and retail ecomm based startups. Managed multiple brand relations outbound graphics communications. Involved in crypto and blockchain investing since 2016 with a focus on emerging blockchain technologies.

Michael (Lo) Nnamdi

UI Engineer & Creative Director

A graduate of computer science and UX design virtuoso. Certified by Google as a UX designer, has deep experience branding startups with creative, user driven designs that reflect their core values and resonate with their qualified audiences. As Creative Director, Michael’s unique and sensible approach to design will shine through for Bird.Money

Usman (Nicolas) Salis — Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Tech industry writer for close to a decade. Has a wealth of experience building content and driving narratives for startups and other online businesses. A passionate believer in blockchain and DeFi, Nicolas blends journalistic inquisitiveness and tech evangelism in telling the Bird.Money story.


Luciano S. De Monte

Growth Director

Strategist and marketer with over 20 years of experience in branding, growth, UX, operations management and team leadership. Specializes in breakthrough adoption and new market penetration for technology start-ups. 2 years of experience in blockchain investing and business development.

Vincent Calianno

Business Development Lead

Over 8 years of global supplier and customer relationship management. Global commodity manager at Apple, Facebook and Google, specializing in strategic partner development and growth. Over 5 years of experience in crypto with involvement in blockchain investing, business development and partner relationship management.


Ron Pearson

Data Scientist

Highly credentialed data scientist and researcher with a PhD and MSEE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and industry expertise ranging from insurance to industrial controls to biotech. Former researcher at several leading academic institutions and holder of multiple patents in bioinformatics. Complete publication list includes the 6 textbooks, 3 encyclopedia articles, 9 book chapters, and over 100 conference papers and technical articles.

Lihan Yao

Technical Advisor

Machine Learning Researcher with award-winning contributions to DARPA (the US Defense Department’s Advanced Research agency) and US Air Force research programs. Former Fulbright Fellow at Hungarian Academy of Science with Erdos number of 2. Contributed to machine learning efforts at FABRK, a decentralized social media protocol led by Y-combinator and MIT Media Lab alumni.

Alex Kirby

Strategic Advisor

Engineer and researcher with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University College London. Former research coordinator for the University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies with 10 years of experience in cryptocurrency ranging from business development to protocol design.



8 years of experience combined in cryptocurrency, Linux cyber security and mobile game development. Currently expanding with Solidity programming knowledge.


Over 4 years experience in crypto and 5 years in customer relations. Exceptional presentation, interpersonal and relationship skills.