Flight Path

The trajectory is clear with blue skies ahead. While others take the road, we prefer to travel by air.

Our flight path contains the details of our development plans for the upcoming year, during which we’ll continue integrating other platforms and protocols to leverage our unique data-driven technologies.

Our aim is to consistently partner and collaborate with other cryptocurrency platforms, protocols, private sector and financial institutions that can leverage and utilise our unique Trust Score to enhance their own product and service offering. Partnerships will be announced throughout the year as agreements are finalised.

  • Deployment of core smart contracts, such as analytics oracle and tokens
  • Cross chain interoperability to maximize accessibility
  • Development of initial data pipelines and storage for on-chain sources
  • Development of MVP prediction products
  • Simple, low-cost oracle pricing structure to promote rapid adoption
  • Interfaces to capture and store verifiable, digitized off-chain data sources
  • Deployment of MVP incentivized data management programs, where users are rewarded for maintenance activities
  • Development of full, version 1 prediction products
  • Deployment of MVP DAO for ecosystem governance
  • Advanced pricing structures, allowing for full market price discovery and token economics control via DAO
  • Advanced prediction products targeting new segments and platforms
  • • Advanced incentivized data management program for users to maintain greater control/responsibility for their platform data
  • Privacy-oriented model training, such as federated learning
  • On-chain computation via protocols such as TrueBit
  • Data architecture moved to Decentralized Encrypted Storage
  • Interfaces to capture and store other off-chain data, non-digitized or less verifiable
  • Greater platform control ceded to DAO, such as new model acceptance