Flight Path

The trajectory is clear with blue skies ahead. While others take the road, we prefer to travel by air.

Our flight path contains the details of our development plans for the upcoming year, during which we’ll continue integrating other platforms and protocols to leverage our unique data-driven technologies.

Our aim is to consistently partner and collaborate with other cryptocurrency platforms, protocols, private sector and financial institutions that can leverage and utilise our unique Trust Score to enhance their own product and service offering. Partnerships will be announced throughout the year as agreements are finalised.

Q1 - 2021 (Mainnet Season)

Our focus for the early first-quarter of 2021 is to get the platform in full gear with the Oracle and Lending platform migrated from testnet to mainnet within a short period of time. We also aim to further build on the Oracle platform by launching our Trust Network, which incentivizes data providers Read more here

  • Contract Audits Lending and Oracle
  • Mainnet Off-Chain Oracle Analytics (Try the App)
  • Mainnet Lending Platform(Try the APP)
  • Data Providers(Incentivised Oracle Nodes)
  • Trust Network(Mainnet )
  • Exchange Listing
  • Deflationary Staking and Farming Launch
  • Comprehensive API and Documentation 2.0 Initial Release
Q2 - 2021 (Cross-Chain Season)

Second-quarter will see a focus Cross-Chain integration beyond the Ethereum network with a view to make our services available across multiple blockchain networks to ease the adoption of Bird services.

  • Cross-Chain Oracle Launch
  • Cross-Chain Collateral Lending
  • Oracle Network Release 2.0 (Beyond Analytics)
  • Additional Exchange Listings
  • Off-Chain Oracle Marketplace Release
  • Trust Rating and Crypto Credit Scoring
  • Data Consumer Integration
  • Explore modified loan structures
Q3 - 2021 (Middleware Season)

Third-quarter will see a focus on middleware integration and an exciting period for our community with the BIRD Governance DAO launch.

  • Smart Contract Analytics Platform
  • Expanded wallet transaction pattern and network visualiser
  • Oracle Hackathon
  • BIRD Governance DAO
  • Bird GraphQL Abstraction Layer Launch
  • BIRD Visual Dashboard and Monitoring Interface
Q4 - 2021 (Expansion Season)

Fourth-quarter will see the expansion of the Trust Network beyond the Ethereum network, and focus on research and development to further improve the trust network and publish findings in reputable journals such as the IEEE Explorer and Computational Economics, and conferences such as the Blockchain Expo Global 2021 in Amsterdam and the Blockchain Summit London 2021

  • Cross Chain Trust Score (Beyond Ethereum Network)
  • Asset Group Trust Score
  • BIRD Incubator — Research and Growth Lab
  • Continuous development and improvement of the Trust Network
  • Academic research and publication of Trust Score impact in the DeFi sector