Quick answers to your questions about Bird.Money

Bird Money, an open and inclusive monetary ecosystem built on the Ethereum protocol is building an Off-Chain Oracle Data analytics platform for the Ethereum blockchain, connecting outside organizations, and investors to the Defi market with low risk.

Our vision is to build a single source of truth for the defi sector with our off-chain oracle trust related product suite.

We aim to be the number source of trust for all defi protocols when it comes to verifying who to transact with.

Our business model revolves around using the native token to supply trust through the off-chain oracle, providing the native token as a supply and borrow market on the lending platform.

Bird.Money Off-Chain Analytics aims to treat DeFI customers' addresses as a form of ID, that can be used to give both external and internal investors a peace of mind on who they are transacting with, what is that person's track record and if they can trust them or not.

What we at are planning to do is build more on this, make ETH address even more powerful by feeding information about past transaction history and bird rating to smart contracts all over the ecosystem.

Lack of trust with a transacting partner is a big issue for both investors looking in from the outside and even trading partners within the defi ecosystem.

We aim to solve this by being the goto sector for verifying any ETH blockchain address, or account. We aim to be the Experian of the DeFi industry.

We are different from Chainlink, Uma and some of the other oracle platforms in the sense that we are not focused on providing price feeds to on-chain smart contracts, but rather provide trust as a score to protocols both in and outside crypto.

Our Oracles offers services beyond price feeds compared to the ones currently in the market. We believe ours will be the go-to platform for both internal and external services looking for trusted information that is not of high interest to attackers, which puts user funds at a reduced risk of exposure to all the platforms that will rely on us for trusted analytics data. crypto.

Blockchain and Data Analytics are match made in heaven. The opportunities are limitless. The structured manner of blockchain has made it even easier to further analyze big data. We aim to be the bridge and go-to for private institutions entering the blockchain space for simplified big data solutions.

Bird Score is a form of identity for any DeFi service. The biggest issue for outside institutions looking to get into DeFi is the lack of identity with who you are actually transacting with. Investors want a guarantee that borrowers won't default and that is what we hope to mitigate with our unique services.

We plan to attract loan borrowers with our unique prepositions of getting more access to loans with less collateral or Bird +. Simply put, a good rating gives you access to better loan rates.

We have had several rounds of Auditing for all our smart contracts and our source codes, One of our team members is a Digital Forensics Engineer so we carry our different types of penetration tests on our source codes and smart contracts even after auditing.

If you look at our roadmap, by march next year we aim have a cross-chain collateral acceptance on bird loans. Integrate cross chain collateral on Bird.Money using digital assets beyond the ETH network. Our proprietary API also allows integration with not only other blockchains but also outside application to make it attractive for investors looking into the defi sector.

The reason we are starting with etherum is because of the concentration of defi services in that area, as the market moves we @ have the expertise to change with the wind and our API shows that we are flexible and ready to adapt.

We have tested it against 100,000 thousand requests a minute, and it performed well without any issues. We are currently in process of integrating with a company that uses Blockchain as a payroll services and so far our Off-chain oracle has been able to sustain that scaling.

Bird.Money + is a service we will be launching that provides information about loan applicants or customers to reduce the risk of default to investors. The more information provided by the borrower, the less collateral needed to borrow and more funds available to be borrowed.

As a company of developer, you can integrate to our platform through our API easily to query any ETH address and get back transaction score, trust score etc, you can also check out our github Oracle Solidity repo classes on how to integrate Bird Analytics Oracle with your smart contracts.

The POST and GET Endpoints provide you with a json response and you can also do a query filter directly.

We are integrating with AAVE’s CDC but not only that, also extending it further to carter for emerging markets by offering extra asset to lenders with less collateral. Read more: