The next evolution of online shopping
will be built on Web3.0 and
powered by Bird

The convenience of paying with crypto… 🤩 🤩 🤩

...combined with a shopping experience tailored just for you. 🤝 🤝 🤝

eCommerce owes its success to data science. Machine learning algorithms ensure you find only the products you want. With Bird, Web3.0 engineers can deliver the same superior experience, without the hassle and expense of in-house analytic development.

High Value prospect

Capturing high-dollar conversions is vital to the profitability of online retailers. These discerning shoppers demand product results that allow them to find their big-ticket purchases quickly and easily.

Low Value prospect

Building a shopping experience that can adapt to a range of budgets ensures that everyone visits your store first. Never showing products that are out of reach, even for the most price-sensitive buyers, is easy with Bird.

Learn more about our Machine Learning Technology

Bird's input data will be gathered through a user's entire on-chain network of peers thanks to the interconnected nature of the Blockchain

Oracle Analytics

Deliver a unique and personal online shopping experience specifically tailored to each user.

Credit Risk Analytics

Develop risk-optimized products and liquidity markets to attract retail borrowers and institutions.

Launchpad Platform Analytics

Smarter fundraising for Launchpads to ensure early-stage projects attract long-term investors.

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