Why is a DeFi credit score needed?

All borrowers are not created equal. With reliable credit risk analytics, borrowers get loan terms tailored just for them and lenders can build unique, innovative lending products. Everybody wins.

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What makes the Bird’s Credit Score unique

We’re the only company using advanced machine learning with on-chain and off-chain data streams to develop a DeFi credit score. Best-in-class methodology, made possible by a team with decades of TradFi experience, means our score is more accurate. Accurate credit risk analytics is vital to lending profitably.

DeFi lenders will compete using Bird’s credit risk analytics

From portfolio management to product development, we’re equipping our partners with the tools they need to succeed

Portfolio management

Credit analytics allow protocol administrators, investors and even borrowers to better understand the overall risk contained in a pool. Bird’s analytics enables new insights into DeFi lending.

Undercollaterized lending

For millions of people around the world, DeFi will serve as their only access to life-changing capital. For this to become a reality, collateral requirements must be lowered. Bird’s credit scores make this possible.

Product Innovation

Mainstream adoption of DeFi lending requires new lending products that solve real-world problems for real-world borrowers. Bird’s cutting-edge credit risk analytics empower developers to push the boundaries of autonomous lending.

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Download some of our materials on the most revolutionary use of machine learning for DeFi lending platforms to mitigate risk.

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Bird's input data will be gathered through a user's entire on-chain network of peers thanks to the interconnected nature of the Blockchain

Ecomm Platform Analytics

Deliver a unique and personal online shopping experience specifically tailored to each user.

Credit Risk Analytics

Develop risk-optimized products and liquidity markets to attract retail borrowers and institutions.

Launchpad Platform Analytics

Smarter fundraising for Launchpads to ensure early-stage projects attract long-term investors.

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