Smarter Launchpads for fundraising powered by Bird’s analytics

By offering better investment terms to wallets that demonstrate a history of responsible, long-term investing, early-stage projects can raise smarter money and launchpads can attract new users. With Bird’s analytics, a new evolution of decentralized fundraising is here.

The blockchain stores a rich history of complex investor behaviors. Bird’s analytics simplifies these activities into a single, powerful score.

High Value Investor

For upstart crypto projects, attracting early investors that are likely to hold their tokens for the long-term can make all the difference. Bird’s Investor Score allows projects to programmatically offer these wallets the best investment terms via a single, easy-to-use metric.

Low Value Investor

Blockchain is all about openness, so even if your past investing behaviors are focused on short-term profits, Bird-powered launchpads can still offer attractive investment terms. Bird’s Investor Score simply aligns your short-term profit objectives with the project’s long-term success.

Smarter decentralized fundraising benefits everyone. How? Read on.

Better analytics leads to smarter, more efficient decision-making for investors, launchpads and start-up projects.

Projects that fundraise on Bird-powered launchpads enjoy seed capital optimized for long-term growth.

A promising young project being undermined by early investors has become a common headline in crypto. Bird’s analytics ensure that your game-changing start-up can quickly raise smart money and get back to building.

Launchpads that integrate with Bird attract new users and differentiate from the competition.

Launchpads have become one of the most successful Web3.0 dApps in the industry. Growing a user base in such a highly competitive market requires continued product and UX innovation, which is precisely what Bird’s tools are built for.

Investors that transact on Bird-powered launchpads get terms that are tailored to their unique investment style.

Tech built for everyone is good. Tech customized just for you is better. Bird analytics enable launchpads to design investment terms that reward you for smart investing and better align with your individual trading strategy.

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Bird's input data will be gathered through a user's entire on-chain network of peers thanks to the interconnected nature of the Blockchain

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