Off-chain analytics
oracle bringing machine
learning to Web3.0

Bird is an entirely new type of decentralized oracle that empowers blockchain developers with access to plug and play analytics products for next-gen web platforms.

Bird is harnessing the power of predictive analytics to accelerate blockchain innovation

Built for developers by developers Bird has designed an ecosystem to feed on-chain and off-chain data streams into cutting-edge machine learning models. Making our analytics products accessible via decentralized oracles allows anyone to create dApps that are truly customized for each individual user.

Next generation predictive analytics ecosystem for next generation decentralized oracles

Blockchain data networks create a unique opportunity for machine learning to help deliver a new, targeted web 3.0 user experience. Bird’s trusted, permissionless oracle interface makes this opportunity available to everyone.

Address-level predictive analytics create the individualized UX that future web users will demand

Each time a wallet is connected to a web3.0 platform, developers can interface with the Bird Oracle to retrieve analytics products specific to that address and update products, services and interfaces to optimize, engage and convert.

Big tech showed the world how powerful user predictions can be . Bird will show that this power can be shared

The Bird DAO represents a new paradigm for the role that user’s play in big data prediction engines. Shared decision making. Shared profit enjoyment. We’re empowering users today and creating the tech company of tomorrow. You ready to launch it today?

Crypto dAapps

We’re building for the biggest dApps in crypto.

Bird’s machine learning will fuel the next wave of innovation with purpose-built analytics products for lenders, launchpads, eComm platforms and more.

High risk borrowers

Low risk borrowers

DeFi Lending

Lenders that use Bird analytics can begin developing risk-optimized products and liquidity markets that will attract mainstream borrowers, portfolio managers and institutions.

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Smarter fundraising for

Launchpads can offer unique investment terms to each wallet address, ensuring that early stage projects attract investors that are likely to support the company long-term.

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Low Value Investor

High Value Investor

Low Value Prospect

High Value Prospect

Profit and conversion
optimization for eCommerce

Blockchain eComm platforms can deliver an online shopping experience specifically tailored to each user, resulting in more conversions, greater profit and better retention.

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